Electronics Practicals Real World Circuits Applications

In this book many topics have been reinforced and some topics, innovations and characteristics have been added in relation to the real world. These practical topics are aligned with the text of the working principles and their practical design and make each candidate effective in practical application. In addition, the real circuit design makes the book more visually interesting and easier to use. The provided circuits were simulated with reliable and accurate methods and tested with real components. This Electronics Practical Book will help to strengthen TECHNICAL and ENGINEERING EDUCATION with practical skills.

About the author

IBYIMANIKORA Ibrahim has completed his engineering studies in EEE, electronics and telecommunications. During his studies, he was motivated by innovation research and hobby projects that attracted and attracted too many as projects and responded to the needs of each individual. In addition to his knowledge at Books Publishing, he is now an instructor in Electronics Technology at the College of Technology Butare campus.

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