Linux Using Operating System Concepts Almost Conceptual OS

Linux using Operating System Concepts almost conceptual OS (OS) and Unix / Linux themes together to form a coherent textbook for students.

From a user perspective, it emphasizes the command-line interaction. From the system administrator’s perspective, the text reinforces shell scripts with examples of administrative scripts that support the automation of administrative tasks.

Comprehensive coverage of concepts and Linux commands

The author contains operating system concepts that are not included in most Linux / Unix textbooks, including kernels, file systems, storage devices, virtual memory, and process management. He also introduces computer science topics such as computer networks and TCP / IP, Binary Numbers and Boolean Logic, Encryption, and the GNU C Compiler. In addition, it discusses disaster recovery planning, boot, and Internet servers.


“The intent of this text is to provide both utility and administrative details for Linux as well as more general concepts of operating systems. The writing style is quickly conversational … The reporting is pretty good … and there are many helpful comments to help with handling with the many Linux variants, this text has the potential to serve a wide audience … ” -June 2015, Computing Ratings

“I would highly recommend this book as a primary textbook for a course or tutorial on using Linux or as an accompanying reference guide in an operating system course.” This is also a great book for business computer systems students who need IT staff to jump on the Linux / Unix cart or an engineer or engineering student who wants to learn more about a workstation that has its computer-aided design software installed. ” -Bradley University, Aleksander Malinowski

“This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at everything you need to do to look at Linux, and experienced users as well as Linux newbies will be able to learn from this book and it’s well worth a reference on your shelf to stay.”

San Diego State University, Peter Bartoli

“This is a good book that covers a comprehensive list of Linux topics for students, unlike many Linux books written for system administrators or software professionals developing Linux systems or applications, this book has a unique track record Approach and discuss topics at a level suitable for students learning Linux. “

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