The Pulpit Of The American Revolution

Dr. Baldwin illustrates how preachers of the early American era practiced exactly the opposite of today’s Saxon. Mountains of research on colonial sermons, tracts, pamphlets, and other publications, show how the pulpits of colonial America kept ringing on all aspects of the public square: good rulers, good laws, good governance, and the blessings of freedom. We especially hear of these exquisite values of biblical order, which became the battlegrounds of American independence.

Commenting on the classic paraphrase on “Life, Freedom, and Property,” Baldwin states, “No one can understand the American Revolution and the American constitutional system without the knowledge of the long history and religious associations behind these words without realizing it a hundred years before the revolution people were taught that these rights are protected by divine, inviolable law.

” It covers the entire revolutionary era and concludes that the central force behind all this is the application of the Word of God through the pulpit to politics and government. She says, “It must not be forgotten that in the multitude of authors named, the source is the greatest authority and the most widely used is the Bible.” And she proves that they have “derived their political theories from the law of God.” It’s long ago to recapture the great and powerful sermon of our early days – a time when pastors were not afraid to preach politics, resist tyranny, and find their governments in the Bible. Dr. Baldwin’s quickly forgotten book is a powerful resource for this goal. We recommend it to every pastor and every Christian in the hope that they follow the example of his theme even more.

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