This is a premier site where everything about books and poetry is discussed. This site is alive to the fact that the literary world is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and therefore, a need to create a forum where both upcoming and creative minds can congregate to discuss and exchange ideas.

From news on the best recommendations from renowned authors to letting fans know of the best book clubs near them, this site is here to ensure every reader is served with a rich menu of both book and poetry reviews.

What We Do

Having realized the need to bring readers and authors together, this site has dedicated its space, resources and time to ensure, on one hand, readers get to make informed decisions before buying a book and on the other hand ensure that authors get feedback on their work from fans.

The team tasked with the duty of compiling every information uploaded on this site are book lovers who have both readers’ and authors’ interests at heart. Every detail also goes through a rigorous vetting process as originality and honesty are key values.

There are different sections where reviews for different genres are uploaded, some of which are written by avid readers. There is also an up-to-date section on book clubs, their locations and the requirements for enrolling. For the lovers of poetry, there is a whole section about poetry. Here, every piece of information on poetry from authors to books to help nurture upcoming poets is carefully curated to ensure every guest gets exactly what they are looking for.

There is also a news section dedicated to any new information in the industry. This is more like a readers’ lounge where people exchange ideas, discuss and critique their favourite books. For anyone looking for somewhere to publish their review of a book they just read, this might be the place where the review finally gets published. This site is also open to suggestions and new ideas, don’t hesitate, reach out through email. Helping readers pick the best read for themselves or their loved ones is the mantra and the inspiration behind his blog.

For the readers torn between two or three titles, this is the place to run , the reviews will help in making that decision quick and fast. This site ensures readers don’t spend money on a book they will regret having bought. From reviews and ratings by other readers, this site will comb through the massive information out there on different genres to ensure readers develop a well-balanced reading list. For all the bookworms out there and those that generally love getting lost in the world of literature, consider this site as a great partner in that journey. Welcome to the write life!