Backyard Pharmacy Growing medicinal Plants In Your Own Yard

All plants can be grown by any home gardener throughout North America and used for their healing and natural remedies!

  • Short stories and descriptions of the plants (including recommended varieties).
  • The most efficient way to groom, groom and harvest your plant.
  • Which parts are the most medical?
  • A profile of the health and nutritional characteristics of your plant.
  • The current state of scientific research on the plant.
  • The best practices for all plants that require a special harvest, storage or preparation.
  • The most effective use of the plant as a remedy and all the precautions that you should take.

The Backyard Pharmacy is richly illustrated with 200 photographs and contains not only photographs of the plants, but also images that show step by step the preparation, harvest and storage to achieve the best results of your gardening.

Take control of your health. Learn more about the benefits of herbs and “backyard friends” and natural remedies for yourself and your family, and even grow them directly at your own garden.

About the author

Elizabeth Millard is the author of Indoor Kitchen Gardening, which focuses on practical tips for growing herbs, vegetables and indoor fruits. She and her partner, Karla Pankow, also own Bossy Acres, a 100-person, community-backed farm in Minnesota that provides members and restaurants with seasonal produce to build a strong and sustainable local food system. Millard often leads workshops on vegetable and herb cultivation as well as herbal preparation, fermentation and cooking with seasonal ingredients. As editor of the local sustainable food web site, Straightforward nice and Tasty, she encourages readers to connect with the plethora of organic breeders, ranchers, food artisans, nonprofit agencies and others, and forge a stronger food landscape. In addition to farming, teaching and editing, she has contributed articles on Hobby Farm Home, Experience Life and Urban Farm magazines along with many other publications. She and Karla live in South Minneapolis with their two incredibly spoiled dogs, Idgy and Ruthie Mae.

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