Human Sectional Anatomy Pocket Atlas Of Body Sections

Now in its third edition, this unsurpassed quality remains and is further improved with new and useful substance. The photographic material is improved with useful notes, extended for the third edition, with details of important anatomical and radiological characteristics.


“This is an excellent job to provide beautiful well-labeled photographs of cross-sections of embalmed human substance along with classic radiological images … This book is essential for trainee radiologists who are learning to interpret sectional images, 4 stars!”

-Dr George C. Enders, University of Kansas Medical Center, Doody Publishing Service

“[It is] essential that at least one copy of this atlas be available in all hospital and department libraries.” It will be frequently consulted by radiologists and radiologists, physicians, medical students and students of other paramedical disciplines; want to deepen your appreciation of the transverse anatomy. ”

-2008, RAD Magazine

“This is certainly the best textbook on sectional anatomy, it is beautifully produced and the cross sectional photographs of embalmed human substance are the best I have seen.” This book is an absolute necessity for radiologists and radiologists in training, but it is also a essential reference book for anatomists and medical students, I would also strongly recommend it to those studying for the MRCS and the intercollegiate FRCS, since the ability to interpret images is an important part of the living component of the exam. improve your appreciation of the transverse anatomy, it’s a real gem. ”

– Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

“I would recommend this book to any student who studies medicine.”

-Oxford Medical School Gazette

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