Poetry and Book Reviews

Book reviews may be indispensable assets to poets or writers as well as their careers. For this reason, people across the world celebrate poetry in March. In every celebration, different businesses such as cafes mark this day by providing coffee for free to get poems in return. Some poets choose to write their poems on social media, while others have published them in books, such as the following.

The Book of Ephraim

This luminous and strange volume is one of the books that have the best poems. It was published and annotated by James Merrill. Since it is a book of poem chronicles, it is one of the profound pieces that is expressed in English.


The amazing poems that are in this book made it famous. The poems explore immoral actions that range from sexuality to imprisonment of the black man. Every line in the poems come with sonic ironies and musical echoes. If you read the poems in this book, you will realize that they have endings towards joy and violence.

Be With

This is another book that focuses on poems. The poems in the book question what it really means to talk of things as overwhelming as a loss. These poems also concentrate on what you may feel for being with a fellow citizen as a partner or someone that has a treacherous mind as you. Once you read in between the lines of the poems, you will notice that they are not sentimental yet devastating.

Eye Level

The poems in this particular book focus on a sharp eye. Jenny Xie, the writer expresses her voice in a deep, poised, and meditative manner. These poems come with meticulous wildness, such as insights. The voice in the lyrics will take you all the way from Hanoi to New York City.

Human Hours

This is the third collection from Catherine Barnett. This book is inhabited by poems about time, ageing, and existential predicaments, such as trauma and violence. What makes this poetry book exceptional is that it is full of irony. So, this is one of the books that pursues cross-examination as the compositional model.

The Bottom Line

Poems deserve celebration and poets need to be honoured for the excellent work they do. Some professional poets and writers have written good poems and published them in poetry books. So, if you wish to read good poems, consider books, such as Human Hours and Be With, among others.