Unbiased Sources of Reviews on Canadian Poetry and Books

Publishing poems and books has never been more straightforward. It’s so easy that anyone can write something and distribute it digitally. Now, there are too many publications to choose from, including new authors. This leaves you spoilt for choice, and most of these options are not that good.

Do you want to read something new and exciting? Well, worry not, there are many ways to find critical and unbiased literature reviews. Here are a few websites that can help you fill your shelf with quality literature.

League of Canadian Poets

This organization was formed in 1966 by, and for, all professional Canadian poets. This league has over 700 members from all over the nation. Their main goal is to enhance standards by networking, promoting and mentoring poets.

They shine a spotlight on the best poems and also provide trustworthy reviews. You can also join them as a professional poet or contribute to the initiative in other ways. The league enjoys a government endowment as well as funding from sponsors and other partners.


This website’s sole mission is to provide visitors with reviews on Canadian chapbooks and poetry. They have published over 120 reviews since January 2006. All the reviews take in-depth looks into the content of poetry books, and they have a staff of 41 contributing reviewers.


49thShelf has the largest collection of fiction and non-fiction that Canada has to offer. This site is packed with reviews, author stats and even an extensive booklist. Their content is diverse, covering both world-renowned authors and upcoming ones as well.

By 2011, this site had reviewed over 50,000 titles from every genre of literature. The site’s main sponsor is Amazon.ca. Therefore, you can easily order a book after reading its review. Signing up also allows you to take part in forums, meet fellow book lovers and take a peep into their booklists.

The Malahat Review

The Malahat Review was established back in 1967. This organization publishes a quarterly review of all Canadian literature as well as titles from international authors. Such books include non-fiction and fiction, as well as works of poetry. They also publish author interviews, articles and talk about single themes related to literature. They also run a website and a podcast.